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Our E-Scooters

Which e-scooter suits you best?


E-Scooter to Rent

Goccia Electric Scooter



Max load   150kg (320lbs)
Range         40 - 60 km (25 - 37 miles)* 

Speed         30 - 45 km/h (18 - 30 miles/h)

Modes        2 : Eco and Power

Persons      1 or 2 persons (don't get over the max load capacity)

Removable battery (LG Lithium-ion  accu - 28 Ah), easy to re-charge

This e-scooter is very agile and light. Making it easy to handle and often comes with a basket. It's suitable for 2 persons, but take in consideration that the range is dropping because of the weight. The scooter feels like riding a bicycle, without having to do the work-out. Cruise and Enjoy!





Max load   120 kg (250lbs)
Range         30 - 50 km (18 - 30 miles)* 

Speed         25 - 37 km/h (18 - 22 miles/h)

Modes        1 : cruise

Persons      1 adult or 1 adult + child

Removable battery (LG Lithium-ion  accu - 20 Ah), easy to re-charge

With its wide tires, front and rear suspension, this e-scooter is very comfortable. So get ready to be laid back and cruise Caribbean style. Also, it is great for families with children, who like to explore the island. 

X1 Electric Scooter
20230517174526_IMG_7522 (1).jpg

KTM E-Bike


Max load   160 kg (350lbs)
Range         60 - 150 km (40 - 100 miles)* 

Speed         25 km/h (18 mph)

Modes        5

Battery      Lithium-ion accu -

Person        1 person, has a single seat

Discover the finest e-bike in town, designed to elevate your island exploration to new heights of convenience and enjoyment. Say goodbye to perspiration and embrace effortless journeys across our stunning paradise.

Unleash the joy of riding with our user-friendly e-bike that requires no special skills. If you can ride a regular bicycle, you can effortlessly maneuver this one. Experience the perfect harmony of simplicity and exhilaration.

With an impressive range that spans the entirety of the island, our e-bike ensures you won't miss a single breathtaking sight. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of our surroundings without any limits.

Leave sweat behind as you glide through the island on our easy-to-ride e-bike, effortlessly covering vast distances. 

Embrace the ultimate fusion of convenience and adventure with our exceptional e-bike. Discover the island's wonders at your own pace, enjoying every moment without a drop of sweat.


*Range depends on a variety of factors, including the speed you're driving, outside temperature, the terrain, your driving style & total weight

Tours & Experiences

Curious to find out what Bonaire has to offer? 

If you don't want to miss out on any highlights or hidden gems, you can go on one our self-guided tours. You remain in total control of how to spend your day, and don't have to research the best spots to visit. You might even get surprised as you get to learn a lot about Bonaire as well.  

E-Scooters for Sale

Make it Yours?!

After many enthusiastic reactions and requests, we have decided to sell e-scooters as well. Are you excited to become a proud owner of a brandnew e-scooter?

Reach out to us or step by in our shop, and we will be happy to help you out. 

Goccia E-scooter fun

Brand: AGM


$ 2489,-

E-scooter Fun X1

Brand: E-cruiser

IN STOCK, barely used

$ 1789,-

E-scooter Fun Cafecruiser

Brand: E-cruiser


$ 3882,-


Included with every model:

  • 6 months warranty on the electric motor and battery

  • 3 months warranty on barely used e-scooters

  • Sealing and waterproofing electricity

  • Zero miles on the odometer

  • Anti-rust treatment at vulnerable points



$ 75,-

Chain Lock


$ 65,-

Goccia Fun - storage
Goccia - Storage

Different kinds available: front basket / base plate basket / top case

$ 65,-

X1 - luggage hook
X1 - Luggage hook


$ 35,-


For Sale


We'd love to hear from you

Greenbikes' Map

Download our free map of Bonaire

We love to share our love for Bonaire. So, therefore we have made a map with some of our favorite highlights on the island. We hope that our pointers make your ride even more fun!
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