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The best tips for renting a scooter on vacation

When you are on vacation abroad, you want to see as much of these surroundings as possible. This is why many vacationers choose to rent a scooter on vacation. After all, renting a scooter is cheaper than catching a cab or renting a car. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to, especially if you are renting a scooter abroad for the first time.

Therefore, in this article, Greenbikesbonaire shares the best tips for renting a scooter on vacation.

Tips for renting a scooter on vacation

1. Compare scooter rental prices

When you want to rent a scooter during a vacation, it is advisable to always compare several rental companies. This will ensure that you pay the right price for renting a scooter. Suppose a rental company is vastly cheaper than others, take note. A cheap scooter rental is often less reliable regarding liability and insurance for accidents and damages.

2. Read the conditions well

When renting a scooter, always read the terms and conditions. These can often be found on the scooter rental website. Pay attention to the fine print on liability, excess and return conditions.

3. Take pictures

Before driving the rented scooter, it is a good idea to take pictures of the current state of the vehicle. Take a picture of both sides, front and back. This way you can always prove that certain scratches were already on it and you won't face any unpleasant surprises or liability. Also make sure the license plate is photographed, this way you can easily find it when there are multiple scooters.

4. Only ride if you feel secure

Foreign roads and road users are often very different from the way we know it in our own country. That's why it's important to check carefully beforehand how other road users participate in traffic. From there you can decide if you feel confident to participate in traffic.

5. Always wear a helmet

This tip speaks for itself, but all too often you see tourists taking off their helmets during a sunny day, preferring to enjoy the fresh wind on their faces. However, the chance of falling is still there. It is therefore important that you always wear a helmet while scooter riding.

Scooter rental on Bonaire

Are you currently making plans for a vacation and Bonaire is one of the destinations high on the list? In Bonaire, you can explore the entire island by scooter. There are several scooter rental companies where you can rent electric scooters. When the decision is made on one vacation to Bonaire, Greenbikesbonaire is happy to help you rent a scooter in Bonaire.

Tips for renting a scooter on holiday

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