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Bonaire Island

Bonaire Island is a hidden gem in the Caribbean that's just waiting to be explored.

With crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and a rich history and culture, it's no wonder that more and more travelers are discovering the beauty of this island paradise. While there are plenty of ways to experience Bonaire Island, one of the best ways to see the island's natural beauty is by e-bike or e-scooter.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the south loop route and the attractions that visitors can see along the way. We'll also discuss the benefits of using e-bikes or e-scooters to explore Bonaire Island, and provide practical tips on how to plan your own south loop adventure. So, whether you're a first-time visitor to Bonaire Island or a seasoned traveler, read on to discover why exploring the island by e-bike or e-scooter is the ultimate way to experience all that this beautiful Caribbean destination has to offer.

South Loop:

The south loop route is a 25 km loop that starts and ends in Kralendijk. It's a mostly flat route that's easy to navigate, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced riders. Along the way, visitors can experience some of the island's most breathtaking scenery and historic sites.

One of the highlights of the south loop route is the Salt Pier, which is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. Visitors can see schools of colorful fish and even turtles swimming in the crystal-clear waters. Another must-see attraction along the route is the Slave Huts, which are historic huts used by slaves who harvested salt on the island. These huts are a sobering reminder of Bonaire Island's past, and offer visitors a glimpse into the island's rich history.

The south loop route also takes visitors to Sorobon, a beautiful beach and windsurfing destination. This area is perfect for a break or a picnic, as visitors can relax in the sun, swim in the warm waters, or simply enjoy the stunning views.

Overall, the south loop route is the perfect way to experience Bonaire Island's natural beauty and historic sites. Whether you're exploring the island by e-bike or e-scooter, be sure to include this route in your itinerary.

Planning your day:

Discovering Bonaire Island by e-bike or e-scooter is an unforgettable experience, and I'm thrilled to offer our visitors the best rental options on the island. Our shop, GreenBikes Bonaire, is conveniently located just a one-minute walk from the cruise boat harbor, making it easy for our customers to pick up their e-bikes and e-scooters and start exploring the island's wonders right away.

Our e-scooters are perfect for this route, as they are easy to use and can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Plus, they are environmentally friendly and allow you to enjoy the island's beauty without leaving a carbon footprint.

At GreenBikes Bonaire, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and all in-rental rates on the island. We provide helmets, locks, and digital maps to ensure that our customers have a safe and enjoyable ride. Our team is also happy to provide recommendations on the best routes and attractions based on your preferences and interests.

If you're planning a visit to Bonaire Island, consider renting an e-bike or e-scooter from GreenBikes Bonaire. We're passionate about our island and eager to share its beauty with you.

Come visit us and start your island adventure today!

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