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Protect Native Trees

Our Partnership with Tera Barra

Tera Barra used to be a kunuku (farm) on Bonaire, but was fenced off ten years again and is now a native garden and information centre. There were many native plants and trees on Bonaire about to become extinct. Tera Barra replants and reseeds them to recreate the native wild environment. 

Greenbikes Bonaire strives for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future on Bonaire. The native wild environment plays an important role in the ecosystem and biodiversity on the island. Therefore, we donate to Tera Barra for every e-scooter that we rent out.

By renting a Greenbike you help protecting the Shimaruku trees

Shimaruku Cherries.jpeg

When you're walking around at Tera Barra's Native Garden, keep your eye out for the the Shimaruku cherry tree.

Your E-scooter rental makes it possible to plant these trees. 

Tera Barra handpicks the Shimaruku cherries and makes a delicious homemade jam from it. You can buy it in their information centre at the Native Garden. (limited stock available)

Tera Barra runs entirely on volunteers and all proceeds go directly to the development of the Native Garden. 

Shimaruku Cherries-3.jpeg

When you think about flora and fauna on Bonaire, most likely the cactus and other prickly plants come to mind. However, there are a lot more native plants and trees that flourish in Bonaire's climate,  support biodiversity and play an important role in the ecosystem. 

Learn more about these native plants and trees at Tera Barra. 

Did you know that goats are one of the major causes that native plants and trees go extinct here? Goats run freely on the island and often eat the young leaves and plants, stopping them from growing into new trees. 

However, goats have become an important part of the Bonairian culture. By fencing off the garden, nothing gets lost. 


Opening Hours Tera Barra

Thu-Fri  8:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00

Sat         8:00-13:00

More information

+599 795 3745


6P6C+4HH, Kralendijk

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