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The First electric-scooter rentalshop on Bonaire

We offer e-scooter rentals


our famous self-guided tours! Come visit our shop, get green and go electric!

Image by Stephen Pedersen

Scooter Rental Greenbikes Bonaire

Greenbikes Bonaire is a scooter rental company in Kralendijk, Bonaire. With our scooter rental in Bonaire you can rent an electric scooter or moped (Elektrische scooters), with which you can discover the whole island of Bonaire. We provide a full battery and offer exclusive scooter tours and excursions in Bonaire to make your trip complete. 

These excursions take you to the best parts of the island of Bonaire and allow you to see many sights. Moreover, it also includes the best routes for an electric scooter in Bonaire, so that your day contains all the ingredients for fun and local culture. 


The Benefits of scooter rental Greenbikes Bonaire:

- You don't have to wait at the petrol station

- You are helping our island with your zero-emission ride!

- You just have more fun riding, because e-scooters are great!

-You experience a easy to go ride. Our scooters are light, if you can ride a bicycle, you can ride our scooters.

-We have clear terms & the best service on Bonaire.

-No deposit, just need some common sense and work things out if neccesairy.

-You enjoy the island in silence :), animals don't run away because there isn't any engine sound.

Elektrische scooter huren Bonaire, Kralendijk

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