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Driving on the boulevard of Bonaire on electric scooter
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Explore Bonaire

by electric scooter


You are helping Bonaire to become more sustainable. We've made it our mission to make sustainable transport accessible and comfortable to everyone on Bonaire.

So go green; skip the petrol costs and smelly, noisy engines.
Simply enjoy the silence.


Enjoy the outdoors as you explore the many treasures Bonaire has to offer.

The e-scooters are light and very easy to drive. It's like riding a bicycle!


Bring your driver's license and you're good to go.


We are proud to be the first e-scooter rentalshop on Bonaire. We make sure you will get on route safely, can offer some great tips and are only a call away if needed.

Protect native trees with Greenbikesbonair
Tera Barra Native Garden logo

Protect Native Trees

Native trees and plants are going extinct.
By renting an electric scooter, you help
protecting them and the ecosystem on Bonaire.


Tree icon

Native Shimaruku Cherry Trees planted

Our E-Scooters

Which e-scooter suits you best?

Goccia Electric Scooter


Range: 40-60 km (25-37 miles)
Speed: 30-45 km/h (18-30 miles/h)


X1 Electric Scooter


Range: 30-50 km (18-30 miles)

Speed: 25-35 km/h (18-22 miles/h)


Cafecruiser Electric scooter


Range: 60-100 km (40-60 miles)

Speed: 45-56 km/h (30-36 miles/h)


Our Tours

Don't know where to start or afraid you will miss out on some highlights and hidden gems of Bonaire? Don't worry, we offer multiple tours! And the best part? All you need, is your phone to guide you and off you go. You cruise on your own pace, decide where you want to hang out a bit longer and learn more about the places you pass. 

Tours on Electric Scooter on Bonaire
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